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 Consulting overview 

Our consulting does not increase desk sales or figures first. Before that, we need solid beliefs and philosophies .

By practicing it, we will provide consulting with the idea that the numbers will follow later.

First of all, rather than the teachers being the main actors, what the store should be like so that the customers and patients who come can be the main characters, the treatment methods that the store has, and the content that it provides are for the customers. The main focus is on whether or not it will be.

Of course, in terms of desk calculations, it doesn't matter what the ratio of osteopathic clinics is to the distribution of the population. There are shops that are popular even in remote areas. On the other hand, there are many shops that are not popular even in places with many people in the city center.

What is the difference?


Our consulting policy is to "create a treatment center that can contribute to our customers with the clear keyword" posture "."

Clarify the store's sales. It will be effective and increase the satisfaction of customers and patients.

With our know-how, which has been involved in the opening of more than 300 businesses, we will firmly support the creation of a store where teachers, patients, and customers can enjoy and build a better relationship of trust.

 Consulting for such teachers 

・ I want to increase sales

・ I want to increase self-financed medical care

・ I want to acquire new customers and patients

・ I want to establish store sales (strengths)

・ I am worried about the patient leaving the hospital

・ I don't know what to start with

​・ I want to meet the expectations of patients and customers

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