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■ What is Hammock Medical Fit?

"Hammock Medical Fit" is an exercise that improves body strain and creates a healthy, healthy and beautiful body, which is made for the purpose of beauty, conditioning, healing, etc., while hammock therapy is a medical hammock method.

Due to bad posture and habits every day, the skeleton and muscles become distorted, and the unbalanced muscles put a burden on important parts such as blood vessels and lymph.

As a result, stiff shoulders, low back pain, swelling and poor circulation, and muscles that are no longer used become thin, metabolism is reduced, and it becomes difficult to lose weight.


Stretching in a hollow state using the "Hammock Medical Fit" hammock reduces the burden on the body, makes the skeleton and muscles easier to return, heals the distortion while loosening the deep muscles that are usually difficult to approach, and at the same time is correct You can train the core necessary for maintaining posture.

The body changes steadily as you get into the correct posture.

Get the right posture and get a comfortable, fun, healthy and healthy body.

Possibility of Hammock Medical Fit


Gravity dispersion

  • Disperses the effects of gravity and minimizes the strain on the body

  • Stretching in a weakened state is possible

  • You can make movements that are impossible on the ground


  • It is possible to approach angles that are difficult to move, front and back, left and right.

  • You can move with the whole body linked

  • Instability allows you to stretch and train at the same time


  • For physical improvement in the studio etc.

  • For rehabilitation for patients

  • For conditioning athletes

Product package contents

  • Hammock Medical Fit Basic Method (Licensed)
  • * After acquiring the Hammock Medical Fit Basic Method, those who have used it for a certain period of time and cleared the conditions can acquire the Advanced Method.
    (Attendance fee and acquisition fee are required separately.)

  • Original highly durable hammock 1 stretch
  • Two free length adjustment one-touch belts for hanging hammocks

<Caution / Disclaimer>

  • You will need to take the Hammock Medical Fit Basic Method for a period of time to obtain a license.

  • Regarding the equipment for hanging the hammock, additional work may be required depending on the store environment.

  • Use of methods and hammocks by non-license holders is not permitted.

  • We are not responsible for any accidents caused by using the method other than the contents of our method.

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