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Blow your worries with your LINE official account!

What is LINE Official Account?

LINE Official Account is a service that allows you to open a LINE account for a company or store.

The LINE app is an SNS that can be used by individuals and groups, but the LINE official account is the business version.
It is possible to deliver messages, images, coupons, sale information, etc. to users by talking directly from the company / store side through LINE.
Compared to leaflets and e-mail newsletters, the message opening rate is higher, and it is possible to approach with a closer sense of distance, which can effectively lead to increased sales and customer attraction.

5 strengths recommended by BC Lab



About 67% of the Japanese population are LINE active users! Overwhelming usage rate of 86.9% on SNS.


LINE is the SNS with the largest number of users in Japan as a platform. In addition, 80% of active users open the LINE app every day. In addition, we have users of all ages, so we can reach out to many users.


Message open rate exceeds 60%!

The information you want to deliver is 100% more reliable than email or SNS.


The LINE official account has an overwhelmingly higher arrival rate and opening rate than email, and the arrival rate will reach 100% if it is not blocked. The opening rate of the LINE official account is 60%, while the opening rate of the e-mail newsletter is 10%.
For example, even if you have 10,000 e-mail newsletter readers, you can only reach 1,000 people, but with the official LINE account, you can reach 6,000 people.


New acquisition, repeater rate greatly increased!

Easy user registration method and abundant functions that can be used for attracting customers and sales promotion


You can easily register your LINE official account from the "QR code" or "Add friend button", so it's easy to guide customers and attract new customers. Functions include not only message delivery and chat, but also coupons and shop cards. In some cases, the number of repeat customers has increased by distributing coupons.
In addition, functions as sales promotion tools such as questionnaire function and analysis of distribution effect are also provided as standard. It is a great merit that all sales promotion measures that would otherwise take time and effort can be carried out on LINE.


The best tool for customer fanning measures, easy appointments for visits

You can communicate by chat and respond to diversified user needs.


With the LINE official account, you can use the "chat function" that many users are familiar with. You can communicate with users at a close distance, or create a chatbot to automate the response. By utilizing the automatic message response and step delivery functions, you can significantly reduce the time required for attracting customers and managing reservations. Another advantage of using LINE is that busy teachers can take effective measures to attract customers in a short time.
In recent years, the needs of users have diversified, and it has become difficult to achieve an effect without delivering messages tailored to each user. It's perfect.


You can use our own content

If you have introduced our products, we will also provide the know-how necessary for attracting customers and operating.


We sell products for the purpose of posture analysis and physical improvement, and we have accumulated data and knowledge so far, voices at the site, information from the introduction destination, etc.
We will use that information as content and provide it to those who have introduced our products.
We also hope to share videos and know-how regarding management, operations, and attracting customers, and useful information for patients.

You can do it with your LINE official account! Various functions 



We will send you messages such as deals and event information to encourage you to come to the hospital.

Send a message to the user who added a friend. It is a basic approach to users.


Timeline post

You can expect information to be spread to people other than your friends by "Like" and "Share".

You can post information on the timeline of users who have registered their accounts as friends. You can also paste the timeline URL into the message.


Shop card

You can use the point function for free. The repeat rate is further improved by using the shop card

By issuing a shop card (point card), it is difficult for customers to block you and encourages you to come back to the store. No need to store or print.


Research page

Let's collect customer's tastes and opinions and use them to improve your service!

User-participatory content such as popularity polls and surveys. By distributing the research page, you can survey the services of the institute and acquire customer attributes such as gender and age.


Rich message delivery

You can combine them into one image, set multiple URLs and coupons, and distribute them.

It is a function that can combine image and text information into one balloon and deliver it. You can set multiple links and coupons to the page you want to introduce.



An effective coupon for attracting customers. You can also set it to be used only once or several times.

You can easily create coupons that are effective in attracting customers and deliver them to users along with messages. Let's create a chance to visit the store with a coupon that you want to use.


Chat talk

Talk with customers 1: 1 like normal LINE. You can easily communicate.

It is possible to talk 1: 1 with customers who have added friends like normal LINE. You can easily exchange inquiries.



It is a function that allows you to hold a lottery event. It is a function with a strong game element.

Pre-created coupons can be given to users who win the lottery. The winning probability and the number of winnings can be set freely.

No troublesome work required! You can use it immediately


Throw a whole job to a LINE production professional!

Registration is troublesome ...

Initial setting is difficult ...

I'm not sure ...


First of all, please contact us from the inquiry button.
The person in charge will contact you shortly according to your desired date and time.

Open an account

We will open a LINE official account. After the meeting, we will create the LINE official account page according to the customer's request.

account settings

We will create the pages necessary for operating the LINE official account.
We can also create cover images, profile images, and rich menus.

Start of operation

The LINE official account will be operational in about 3 weeks.
Please use it for message distribution and coupon distribution. I will also explain how to use it.


"I'm thinking about introducing it someday ..."
Without thinking!
​  Get started now!

This time of the world is in a difficult situation
Prepare for further step-up when you survive
If you don't start anymore, you will miss it!

Leave all the troublesome account opening and setting up!

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