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About fully made-to-order insoles


Providing the feeling that "health and correct posture can be obtained from the soles of the feet"

Recently, it is said in various places that "walking" is important for health.

However, on the other hand, choosing shoes according to the shape of each foot and walking habits tends to be neglected unexpectedly.

As a result, the body is often out of balance and the legs are often upset.

Walking in everyday life is something that everyone naturally does every day.

By using a custom insole that fits your feet perfectly, you can naturally get the correct posture and body balance, and start now to live a healthy and enjoyable life every day.

For people like this

Those who are waiting for foot troubles or who want to try insoles from the viewpoint of reducing fatigue and pain and improving posture.
We support everyone who has such troubles.

Walking can hurt your legs, lower back, knees, etc. and make you tired easily.

I'm worried about hallux valgus, O-legs / X-legs, octopus, corns, and flat feet.

Poor body balance and posture

Heel loss is fast, left and right loss is different, does not fit

Preventing sports injuries and improving performance

I want the healthy growth of my child

How to get started with custom-made insoles


When you apply, you will receive a "Full Custom Made Insole Starter Kit". We also provide banner stands and promotional leaflets. You can easily sell it from the day it arrives.

Get started right away

Simply take the customer's footprint with the "Footprint Collection Trisham" in the kit and mail it to us, and you will receive the finished insole in about 3 weeks.

Easy to get started

Starter kit contents

Foot shape collection Trisham 10 pieces

The shape of the sole of the foot can be clearly taken by stepping on it with a material that looks like a combination of sponge and styrofoam.

100 promotional leaflets

Promote your insole business with promotional leaflets. Let's recruit people who want to recommend insoles and those who want to purchase.

1 PR banner stand

A banner stand that can be used inside and outside the facility. The size is 620 mm wide and 1,500 mm high. The PR effect is outstanding.

Insole creation 1 pair charge

A one-time insole custom-made fee is included for trial production.
By all means, please experience the fully custom-made insoles yourself and the staff, and recommend and propose to customers.



Balance exercise

Regular sneakers / casual shoes​

Half insole

Leather shoes for leather shoes, fashion shoes

Running insoles

Insoles for spikes

Running shoes and sneakers for running (thicker and cushioned than full insoles)

Competition spikes / competition shoes​

Selectable surface material


Suede style


Synthetic leather

Thick sponge (upholstered)

Animal print

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