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Do you have any problems with attracting customers to your website?

I have an HP, but I can't attract customers
I want to open a business and make an HP
I am taking SEO measures, but I have not received any inquiries.
I want to create an HP that can collect patients
● I 'm not good at computer operation
I don't want to spend too much

I don't have the time or knowledge to create it myself


Recommended points! Leave it to BC Lab

Recommended 1

Proposals based on 10 years of experience and experience in selling posture analyzers and posture improvement tools


BC Lab Co., Ltd. has been selling the posture analyzer "peek a body" and proposing posture improvement to everyone using hammocks for 10 years. Based on our transaction record with many hospitals and abundant experience, we will create a homepage that teachers need and that will resonate with patients.

Recommended 2

Aim to be No. 1 in the region with a page that emphasizes "posture"


By measuring with the posture analyzer "peek a body" and maximizing the importance of posture improvement, we will raise awareness and differentiate ourselves as a hospital that provides unique services. So, let's aim to become the most popular store in the area.

Recommended 3

Ingenuity using the law that effectively attracts the homepage


The homepage does not just have to be created, but there are rules that make it easy for the viewer to understand, give a good impression, and get them interested. Our website uses that law to provide attractive and effective pages by guiding the eyes of visitors and designing them.

Recommended 4

You can choose the design in BC Lab's own format


You can choose from 5 patterns of designs according to your image and preference, with a homepage composed in a unique format that is packed with the know-how of our company and osteopathic clinics and treatment clinics over many years. Of course, you can replace the logo, photos, images, etc.

You can also consult with us about function options.

Recommended 5

You don't have to be confident in operating your computer or making an HP


Please leave the troublesome domain connection, inquiry form installation, header image creation, responsive (smartphone compatible), and technical support.

Selectable homepage design

Coming Soon
Please wait for a while during the renewal

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