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Health-related product development assistance

 Reliable products with solid demonstration results 

Many health-related products such as pelvic cushions and bedding have been sold in recent years, but how effective are they? I often hear that I bought it because of advertising and sales strategy, but I couldn't feel the effect and failed.

In addition, while proclaiming posture improvement and health, we often see products that seem to worsen posture and health no matter what.

If you want to change the status quo and want to be comfortable, you can buy the product with the expectation, but if you get worse as you use it. ..

I'm sorry.

We have been planning and developing various products in-house with the intention of supporting your health from your posture and communicating the importance of your posture.

In order not to disappoint our customers, we need solid verification and results.

It is also essential for developing products that sell well.

In order to create products that are attractive to customers and clearly differentiated from competitors, we will firmly verify the effectiveness of our products with our vast amount of attitude data and knowledge.



Compression wear and foundation garments

Made-to-order insoles

Bedding supplies such as pillows and mattresses

Auxiliary equipment such as stoop correction belts and supporters

Pelvic cushion health goods

​Devising and verifying exercise methods

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