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  Possibility of hammock therapy  

  • Differentiate from other clinics

  • Attracting customers effect

  • Excellent visual appeal effect

  • Can be provided with a completely self-funded plan

Transformation from 2D treatment to 3D treatment

  • Increased range of motion that cannot be guided by a flat bed

  • Performs treatment suitable for the human body structure composed of 3D

Hollow state

  • Gravity dispersion

  • Relaxation of anti-gravity muscles

  • No unnecessary force is applied to both the patient and the practitioner


Cradle effect

  • Mutual relaxation of mental and physical

  • Autonomic nerve harmony

Positioning therapy

  • Posture improvement such as stoop, scoliosis, and lordosis

  • Simultaneous use of medical equipment is also possible

  • Can be installed without construction

  • Multiple installations possible

  • Basic program included in selling price


Posture improvement leads to symptom improvement

By living on two legs on the earth, human beings are universally affected by gravity and the reaction force from the ground.
In other words, mechanically, the force of compression is always applied to the human body.

It is input at the DNA level so that gravity and the reaction force from the ground can be mechanically reduced, and what is provided to reduce the universal effect on the human body is nothing but the S-shaped curve of the spinal column called physiological curve. ..
A close observation of the physiological curve gives a very good design.

Both lordosis and kyphosis have a structure that allows weights to be distributed radially.

However, if the correct physiological curvature is disrupted due to bad lifestyle, and the mechanical balance in the human body is disrupted, various diseases such as diseases in the spinal column, abnormal positions of internal organs, and autonomic nervous balance, and indefinite complaints will be the cause.

In muscles, abnormal muscle tone centered on anti-gravity muscles and abnormal muscle relaxation occur.
For example, when the head moves forward from the lateral gravity line, the trapezius muscle is stretched, causing abnormal tension, and the pectoralis minor muscle is shortened, resulting in contracture with muscle weakness.
It's easy to guess how stupid the act of eliminating a physiological curve with the best mechanical design (a bad lifestyle that causes you to lose your posture).

By making good use of objects that can exist in the air, such as hammocks, it is possible to reduce the gravitational load that affects the local area and release it from the reaction force from the ground.
Since the hammock has a unique braided structure, local pressure is not applied to only one place.
In hammock therapy, various symptoms are alleviated with an infinite approach by adding twisting etc. to the basic posture such as prone position, supine position, lateral decubitus position.

Product package contents

  • Hammock Therapy Basic Method
  • Aluminum gauge body
  • Original highly durable hammock 4 stretches
  • 8 free length adjustment one-touch belts for hanging hammocks

Gauge dimensions

  • External dimensions H2100mm W1000mm D2200mm

  • Inner dimensions H2000mm W 800mm D2000mm


<Caution / Disclaimer>

  • It is necessary to take the basic method for a certain period of time.

  • A separate elevating bed is required to use "Hammock Therapy".

  • There is an additional cost to install the aluminum gauge body and hammock.

  • Additional method supply is charged separately.

  • The use of methods and hammocks other than those who have taken the course is not permitted.

  • We are not responsible for any accidents caused by using the method other than the contents of our method.

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