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Adopting Kinect sensor,

Joint points

By automatically recognizing
Short time, non-contact, high accuracy

The measurement is epoch-making.

What is peek a body?  

Evolution-type body application peek a body [peak A body] is,

The sensor camera automatically recognizes the client's joints,

It is a body application that visualizes the state of the body and can be easily diagnosed and evaluated.


You can see the state of muscle stiffness / overstretching (weakness) and skeletal distortion with high-detail 3D CG.

It is also the industry's first body application .

Here, I would like to briefly introduce the typical features of peek a body.

Sensor camera automatically recognizes joint points of the body

In conventional posture analysis, landmarks (seals and marks that serve as landmarks) were required at joint points.
In addition, the current situation is that it takes more than 5 minutes for the marking.

In that respect, "peek a body" uses a Kinect sensor (automatic recognition sensor camera) to automatically recognize joint points required for analysis!
The measurement is completed in a minimum of 20 seconds + α. It is now possible to measure in a short time and without contact.

The 5-second average value measurement takes into consideration the subject's body shaking and blurring, and measures the 5-second average value.


Evaluate the deviation of the joint points of the body in the actual size in mm (millimeter). In addition, by actually seeing the standing posture of the front, back, left and right, the client can be aware of the distortion of his / her posture.


  Easy to understand! Self-explanatory counseling  


This is counseling on the muscle tension of the body related to posture, its tension level, and the state of the skeleton.

Muscles displayed in warm colors are muscles that are excessively stiff than usual, and muscles that are displayed in cool colors are muscles that are excessively stretched (weakened).

Highly detailed 3DC.G that can be viewed from anywhere in 360 degrees and can be scaled freely for easy-to-understand display.
The muscle tension level is also color-coded in 5 stages, so the degree of muscle tension is clear at a glance.
Skeleton distortion can also be seen in detail by turning off the muscle display.
Information that explains each muscle in detail and physical symptoms caused by muscle tension are also displayed, so you can use it for improvement.

Content that proposes distribution of muscle tension and improvement programs

The degree of muscle tension is displayed on the level meter for both stiffness and overstretching (weakness), and you can select an improvement program according to your muscle tension.


Risk index for poor physical condition


The risk of poor physical condition predicted in daily life is also displayed in an easy-to-understand risk index, which can be useful for improving symptoms.

Improvement exercise / trading

You can propose improvement exercises and training from the contents and risk index.


Balance exercise

Proposal of exercise to adjust body distortion and balance. (Exercise to relieve muscle stiffness.)


Core training

Proposal of exercise to build muscle strength to maintain posture. (Exercise to train overstretched (weakened) muscles.)


Hammock Medical Fit

Proposal of improvement exercise using our hammock method.

Evaluation sheet printout

Report card of your body (2 pages spelled)

The measurement results can be printed out by printing an evaluation sheet (your body report card x 2 sheets).
The degree of physical distortion is displayed in an easy-to-understand manner on a radar chart and 10-point evaluation / points (points).


Posture analysis system "peek a body" that solves the problems of attracting customers, management, differentiation, and retention rate


Free online demo experience information

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