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Awareness of health through posture

As part of the company's health management, we perform distortion diagnosis and health check for employees.

We will give you posture measurement and measurement data using "peek a body".

In recent years, it has been pointed out that the mechanical stress caused by body strain is related to mental health.

It is also used as a mental health prevention under the guidance of the government.


Since the strain examination raises health awareness, it also helps to reduce the health insurance premiums consumed when visiting an osteopathic clinic.

It also leads to a significant reduction in medical expenses.

Also, postureThrough this, we believe that it will be an opportunity for employees to raise their awareness of health.

▶  実施用件

・ A space of about 10 m2 (meeting room, etc.) is required.

・ The time required varies depending on the number of people.

·BeforehandIt may be necessary to confirm the venue and install it.

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